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...dreaming with my eyes wide open

4 September
Get Genki or GTFO
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Mimielle.Net
Find my closet and wish list @ http://lolibrary.org/users/mimielle
Feel free to offer me items on my wish list, stating price/terms.
Items in my closet are not for sale unless clearly marked so.
Lolita clothes (like bjd) come in to my realm but rarely ever leave.

Note: I have a healthy sense of humor and a keen sense of the ridiculous. I'm a pretty fair mimic, sarcasm and witty conversation are my dear friends. If these traits offend you, we won't get on at all.
My website blog is kept as my personal journal and my opinions are my own and often less than diplomatic, as personal writings often are. Any journalistic affections are the result of bad influences and keeping company with precocious writers and other disreputable wanton abusers of language.